A Homegrown Business Leader

Tom Lee has lived and worked in the Brandon area for well over 40 years. He attended Hillsborough County Public Schools and graduated from Hillsborough Community College and the University of Tampa. And he’s been a leader at Sabal Homes, his family’s construction business, creating jobs and improving the quality of life for Hillsborough County residents for over 30 years.

As the son of a family working in construction, Tom developed a deep connection for Floridians who worked hard with their hands for a living. Hard-working men and women who care about their families, and about the dignity and quality of life they could ensure for themselves and their children.

A Determined Conservative Reformer

In 1996 Tom was elected to the Florida Senate and quickly earned the respect of his colleagues through his determined leadership and straight-talking style. In 2004 Tom was selected as President of the Florida Senate.

Tom served as Senate President for two years. And in those years, the Legislature came together to pass strong conservative reforms in a united, no-nonsense fashion.

Tom had built a reputation as a guy who couldn’t be pushed around by the Tallahassee political class. In 2005, he took on the crisis of bad behavior between lobbyists and legislators head on by passing a total ban on gifts to state lawmakers. And he went further, enacting the strictest ethics disclosure law ever placed on lobbyists in Florida history, requiring any lobbyists to report who their clients were and how much they were paid to lobby the Legislature.

In 2018, Tom was selected to represent the people of Florida on the Constitutional Revision Commission. This group meets every 20 years to examine our state’s most important document. Tom has fought for issues important to all Floridians including the end of government spending on private sporting arenas and a ban on dog racing.

Finally, Tom has always fought for lower taxes for hard-working Floridians. He supported increased tax holidays for hurricane preparation and back-to-school shopping. And, Tom has helped pass over $6 billion in tax cuts throughout the state.

A Family Man Looking Out For Florida’s Future

Today Tom Lee lives in Thonotosassa with his wife Laurel Moore Lee, and has three children. He looks at the state of politics today and sees many challenges, and too many politicians more interested in playing games and engaging in shouting matches than solving problems.

Jobs won’t be created with talk and bluster. Budgets don’t get balanced with posturing and egos. It will require leaders who are determined to protect the things citizens care about the most, and are committed to fixing what is broken in government.

Tom’s done it before. And now he’s ready to do it again.


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